Clairion™ Technology Overview

Clarion is offering a completely new approach for removal of pollutant (such as NOx, SOx and Hg) from flue gas. This technology unlike most of the existing technologies is based on a wet absorption process that is utilizing a unique liquid formulation circulated within a scrubber in a closed loop with minimal use of raw materials and environmental impact.

Clairion’s unique liquid formulation, that is the basis for both the C-HgR™ and the C-MPR™ solutions is comprised of modified ionic liquids and oxidizers.

Ionic liquids are actually salts in a liquid state which have unique physical properties – such as low or non-volatility, an exclusive complex property, high thermal stability and immeasurable vapor pressure.

Unlike other process, in our process the absorption liquid operates in a “closed cycle” in which the flue gas impurities are captured and concentrated within the liquid as a stable complex.

Our unique wet scrubber was designed for swift and effective oxidative absorption of the emitted pollutants. The highly stable composite liquid which exhibit zero vapor pressure, is contacted with the flue gas resulting in a rapid oxidation/absorption of the pollutants followed by complex formation and absorption in the ionic liquid.

Our technology removes all forms of pollutants, including SO2 NOx and mercury – demonstrating exceptional SO2 and mercury and sulfur removal rates (extraordinary compared to other existing technologies) along with significant environmental and financial benefits.

Another advantage of our technology is the selective extraction – the superior absorption liquid allows us to run a multi-stage extraction process. At each stage, the necessary ingredient can be easily separated from the mixture. In our unique process a concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid can be produced in aqua phase, while all form of mercury remains in the absorption liquid and can be stabilized and removed by an additional side process.

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