An innovative and proprietary process for the removal of H2S and Siloxanes

  • An efficient catalytic process utilizing unique absorbing liquid and a wet scrubber
  • H2S and siloxanes are simultaneously absorbed within the liquid
  • H2S is oxidized and extracted continuously as an acid
  • Siloxanes are hydrolyzed and removed as a silica with the aqua phase
  • The absorbing liquid is reused in a closed loop

SULKAN™ is scalable and applicable for biogas treatment required in
wastewater treatment plants, landfills, and Natural Gas Processing

SULKAN™ – a new approach in biogas cleaning:

  • Patented technology based on special liquid
    formulation and absorption/extraction process
  • Simultaneously captures H2S & Siloxanes in a single system
  • Non sensitive to pollutants concentrations and gas flow rates
  • A continuous and controlled process
  • The absorbing liquid is regenerated and reused
  • Simple operation w/o handling of solids
  • Suitable for new facilities and retrofits

Clear Benefits:

  • Enables safe and continuous use of biogas as renewable energy
  • Prevents corrosion and silica (Si) coverage of boilers
  • Extended lifetime and operating hours of engine parts and oil
  • Enables biogas conditions to comply with engine warranty terms and conditions
  • Minimizes wastes and reduces total cost of operation
  • Replaces a series of traditional systems and avoids the need of dealing with solids by-product

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