The C-HgR™ Solution

Our innovative and proprietary process for the removal of mercury (Hg)

  • Using a unique absorbing liquid formulation (based on modified ionic liquids) implemented in a wet scrubber
  • On/off site liquid regeneration for reuse
  • Mercury is separated as HgS
    (the most stable form of Hg safe for disposal)

The C-HgRsolution is fully scalable and applicable to a wide range of
industries, plants, and processes emitting mercury.

C-HgR™ solution advantages


  • Removes all forms of Hg
  • Indifferent to concentration levels of Hg in gas streams

Proven exceptional Hg removal rates


  • No consumables and minimal logistics
  • No impact on other processes/ by-products
  • No impact on infrastructure

OpEx reduced by 30%-50%


  • Based on a non-hazardous stable liquid formulation
  • A closed, controlled and fully regenerative process

Avoids Hg emissions without impacting the environment

The C-MPR™ Solution

A proprietary process for removal of NOx, SOx and Hg

  • Selective and effective oxidation process
  • Simultaneous absorption
  • Selective and simple separation

C-MPR™ clear benefits

  • A single solution for multiple pollutants
  • Regulatory Compliance with current and future emissions standards
  • Smaller required footprint
  • Useful and valuable by-product (fertilizers/acids) instead of waste streams
  • Overall costs reduction (CapEx & OpeX) by > 30%
  • Applicable and scalable for various industries
  • Environmental – fully regenerative process, no impact on environment

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