Clairion™ Technology Overview

General Overview

Clairion offers a completely new approach for the removal of pollutants from flue gas or biogas stream. This eco-friendly technology is based on utilizing special absorbing liquids for innovative absorption and separation processes applicable for various industrial processes.

Gas enters the Clairion scrubber in which the unique absorbing liquid is sprayed and constantly circulated while the oxidizer is controlled and added to the process. This creates an efficient catalytic process with high kinetics and short contact time in which the pollutants are simultaneously absorbed within the liquid and then selectively and continuously separated – extracted as useful products or as waste safe for disposal with minimum impact. The absorbing liquid is regenerated and reused.


Unique absorbing liquid formulation

Clairion’s unique absorbing liquid formulation is comprised of modified ionic liquids and oxidizers and forms the basis of the C-HgR™, C-MPR™ and the SULKAN™ solutions.

Ionic liquids are practically salts in a liquid state which have unique physical properties, such as low or non-volatility and exclusive complex properties, high thermal stability, and immeasurable vapor pressure.

Closed cycle, fully controlled process

Our process ensures the absorption liquid operates in a “closed cycle” in which the gas impurities are captured and concentrated within the liquid as a stable complex.

Our unique wet scrubber was designed for swift and effective oxidative absorption of the emitted pollutants. The highly stable composite liquid which exhibits zero vapor pressure is contacted with the gas. This results in a rapid oxidation/absorption of the pollutants followed by a complex formation and absorption in the absorbing liquid.


Multi pollutants removal

Our technology removes a wide range of pollutants including NOx, SOx, and mercury or H2S and Siloxanes in a single process, in some cases simultaneously – demonstrating exceptional removal rates, simple and efficient selective absorption and extraction processes along with significant environmental and financial benefits.


Selective extraction

Another advantage of our technology is the selective extraction of the pollutants – our unique simple and efficient extraction process enables separation of the absorbed pollutants as concentrated valuable products or stable waste safe for disposal.

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