The C-MPR™ Solution

A proprietary process for removal of NOx, SOx and Hg

  • Selective and effective oxidation process
  • Simultaneous absorption
  • Selective and simple separation

C-MPR™ NO Removal Efficiency

Continuous NO measurements demonstrated Feb 2022 at a municipal waste to energy plant in the Czech Republic

The C-MPRsolution is fully scalable and applicable to a wide range of
industries, plants, and processes emitting SOx, NOx and Mercury.

C-MPR™ clear benefits


  • Regulatory compliance with current and future emission standards
  • Lowering NOx to 25mg/m³, SOx down to 15 mg/m³,  and Hg to 3-5 µ/m³

Removal efficiency proven at field


  • Single integrate solution
  • Smaller footprint required
  • Reducing logistics and waste operation

Total costs reduction of over 30%


  • Transforming pollutants to useful products
  • Eliminates the need of Ammonia
  • Reducing waste streams
  • A fully regenerative process

Pollutants reduction with minimal environmental impact

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