Industrial Flue Gas Cleaning

Multi-Pollutant Removal

C-MPR™ - Multi-Pollutant Removal

Current solutions for treating industrial flue gases are limited – they consist of multiple point solutions each specialized in efficiently treating a different pollutant, which is influenced by gas and site conditions. In addition, they generate waste streams that need to be treated, often do not meet updated stringent emissions limits, and dictate significant investments and operational expenses.

Clarion C-MPR™ technology offers a completely new approach for simultaneous removal of NOx, SOx, Hg and additional pollutants from flue-gas streams. This technology enables a unique absorption and extraction process for multi-pollutants in a single solution, to comply with the most stringent emission limits, and at lower costs.

C-MPR™ is comprised of three main steps

Selective gas phase

Simultaneous absorption
and stabilization

Selective Separation and

Key Features

  • Simultaneous absorption of NOx, SOx, Mercury (Hg) and other pollutants
  • Single technology and system for removal of all pollutants
  • Based on a novel patented oxidation and absorption process
  • Transforms pollutants into useful products
  • Sustainability – the absorbing liquid is regenerated and reused
  • A closed loop and continuous process
  • Not sensitivity to fluctuations in pollutants concentrations and gas flow rates

Clear Benefits

  • High removal efficiency of multiple emissions
  • Regulatory compliance with current and future emission standards
  • Overall costs reduction (CapEx & OpEx)
  • Generating useful and valuable products instead of waste streams
  • Reducing logistics and waste operation
  • Applicable and scalable for various industries
  • Environmentally friendly – closed and fully regenerative process with reduced impact on the environment
  • Scalable and applicable to a wide range of industries plants and processes
  • Contributing to the reduction of CO2

C-MPR™ vs. alternative solutions

Reduced Total
Cost of Operation
Efficient NOx
Efficient SOx removalEfficient Hg
logistics and
waste operation
pollutants into
useful products
A regenerative
C-MPR™ by Clairionticktickticktickticktickticktick
DeNOx technology (SCR/SNCR)tick
DeSOx technology (W/D FGD)tick
Hg removal methods (AC/ CaBr2 / Br2)tick
Combination of pollutants removal technologiestickticktick

C-MPR™ Removal Efficiency - NOx

C-MPR™ is applicable for

Waste to Energy plants

waste incineration

Coal and gas fired
industrial boilers

Coal based power plants

Gas cogeneration
energy production

Metal processing

Oil refineries

Natural gas processing

Cement production

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