Industrial Flue Gas Cleaning

Mercury (Hg) Removal

C-HgR™ - Mercury (Hg) Removal

Current mercury removal technologies are mainly based on consumable solid adsorbents and chemical additives – which all have significant known downsides and limitations.

Clairion has developed a gas treatment solution to overcome the typical challenges industries face when removing Hg from flue gas. Our C-HgR™ technology is based on an innovative approach using an advanced absorbing liquid formulation implemented in a wet scrubber.

Throughout the process all mercury elements are captured and “locked” in the liquid and are selectively separated from the flue gas. The mercury is extracted and transformed into its most stable form (HgS) for safe disposal and the absorbent liquid is regenerated for reuse.

C-HgR™ is based on two main steps

Hg absorption and

Hg selective separation
and liquid regeneration

Key Features

  • Outstanding efficiency and Hg removal rates
  • Removes all mercury forms, including elemental mercury
  • Based on a novel patented absorption process
  • A “closed cycle” process
  • The absorbing liquid is regenerated and reused
  • Mercury is separated as HgS – stabilized mercury salt safe for disposal
  • Not sensitive to fluctuations in mercury concentrations and gas flow rates

Clear Benefits

  • Enables compliance with most stringent current and future regulation
  • Reduces waste operation and operational costs
  • Scalable and applicable to a variety of industries, plants, and processes
  • No impact on infrastructure
  • Mercury re-emission is avoided

C-HgR™ vs. alternative solutions

Hg removal
Sensitivity to
gas/Hg composition
LogisticsImpact on APC
installed systems
and infrastructure
CostsEnvironmental impact
(through Hg re-emission)
by Clairion
Ensures regulation
Non sensitiveMinimalNegligibleSignificantly lower OpExNone
Common Hg removal
(AC/ CaBr2 / Br2)

C-HgR™ is applicable for

Waste to Energy plants

waste incineration

Coal and gas fired
industrial boilers

Coal based power plants

Metal processing/smelting

Natural gas processing

Cement production

Heat generation

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