Biogas Cleaning

H2S and Siloxane Removal

SULKAN™ - Ensuring clean biogas production

Biogas cleaning is essential when used for heating and electricity production. The hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and Siloxane must be removed to avoid damage to engine components and infrastructure.

The effectiveness of current commonly used technologies for biogas cleaning changes according to site and biogas conditions. Such solutions aren’t always sufficient and therefore in most cases a combination of them is required.

Clairion introduces SULKAN™ – an innovative new approach and technology for the simultaneous removal of H2S and Siloxanes from gas streams. Offering benefits that put it well ahead of alternative choices for biogas treatment.

SULKAN™ is comprised of four main elements

Unique absorbing liquid

Inexpensive oxidizer

Dedicated wet scrubber

Simple selective
separation system

Key Features

  • Simultaneously captures H2S & Siloxanes in a single system
  • Based on a novel patented oxidation and absorption process
  • Unique liquid circulated in a wet scrubber
  • A closed loop and continuous process
  • Insensitive to fluctuations in pollutants concentrations and gas flow rates
  • Inexpensive oxidizer controlled and added automatically
  • Sustainability – H2S is extracted as Sulfate and the absorbing liquid is reused
  • Simple operation without handling of solids
  • Small footprint
  • Suitable for new facilities and retrofits

Clear Benefits

  • Enables safe and continuous use of biogas as a renewable energy
  • Prevents H2S corrosion and Silica (Si) coverage of infrastructure
  • Extended lifetime and operating hours of engine parts and oil
  • Enables biogas to comply with engine warranty terms and grid requirements
  • Enables continuous biogas upgrade to biomethane
  • Minimizes waste and reduces total cost of operation

SULKAN™ as part of the biogas treatment process

SULKAN™ vs. alternative solutions

Reduced Total
Cost of Operation
Efficient at
high H2S
Enables reduction
of H2S to
low levels
Simple MaintenanceOperation
under wet
Steady absorption
efficiency over
Fast Startup for
immediate H2S
SULKAN™ by Clairionticktickticktickticktickticktick
Chemical additives (e.g. FeCl3)ticktickticktickticktick
Absorption methods (e.g. AC)ticktickticktick
Biological scrubberstickticktick

SULKAN™ is applicable for

Industrial and municipal
wastewater treatment

Livestock waste treatment

Landfill to energy

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