The C-H2SR™ Solution

An innovative and proprietary process for the removal of H2S

  • Oxidation, absorption and stabilization
    of the H2S by unique liquid implemented in a wet scrubber
  • H2S is oxidized and extracted continuously as an acid
  • The absorbing liquid is reused in a closed loop

The C-H2SR solution is fully scalable and applicable to a wide range of
industries, plants and processes emitting H2S

C-H2SR a new approach

  • A completely new approach for H2S removal from
    gas streams (Biogas, natural gas treatment, refineries and more)
  • Patented technology based on special liquid
    formulation and absorption/extraction process
  • The H2S which is the in-gas stream reacts with the
    absorbing liquid to form a stabilized element that
    can be separated continuously from the process
  • Replaces a series of traditional systems and avoids
    the need of dealing with solids by-product

C-H2SR™ clear benefits over traditional solutions

  • Overall costs reduction (by > 30%)
  • High removal efficiency
  • Simplifying the maintenance and logistic operation
  • Fully regenerative environmental process
  • Unsensitive to gas composition
  • Smaller footprint
  • Using environmentally friendly additives

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