About Clairion

Clairion Ltd is a Clean-Tech environmental company specializing in gas treatment technology.

Our mission is to impact environmental sustainability by offering clean and efficient applicable solutions to pollution emitting industries and producers of biogas-based energy.

Our patented technology was developed by experts in green chemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI).

Our field proven solutions are based on utilizing a unique absorbing liquid and a wet scrubber for selective absorption and separation processes enabling our customers to optimize their processes to better deal with their operational, environmental, and budgetary challenges.


Implementing Clairion solutions enables:

  • Reducing total cost of operation/ownership (TCO)
  • Need of smaller available footprint
  • Removing pollutants as useful products or reducing waste streams
  • Easily meeting stringent existing and future regulation requirements


Clairion solutions are ideal for the removal of:

NOx, H2S, SOx, Hg, Si and more…

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